Lesson no. 84

84Respect History!

Our mission is to take all the useful information our ancestors left us and leave a stronger legacy to the next generation.

They must have done something right if we are here at this level.

Our most important task is not to screw it up and waste all those years of evolution and go into a black hole of non-culture and ignorance.

Sure we are living in the big technology Era but it seems like we are losing sight of the important things. Tech should be a tool not a status rank.

So use it wisely! Learn about your past, about the fears of your people, about their aspirations that came true in your day, learn about their courage to stand up for themselves, about their struggle to stay united, about their love for life and about their belief that they are giving their best because they knew they will leave you all: a box of dreams and colors and sounds and ideas and hopes.

Treasure it, please!


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I'm sometimes normal, sometimes crazy, but so we all are ...
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