For a long time, this feeling is with you, besides you. It walks with you in every room and every thought you have. It has come close to an obsession.

So because it’s healthier for you, you let it go. You give it up and embrace other thoughts.

And then you feel a nudge on your shoulder: Remember me?

Everyone around you is thrilled with overwhelming joy, because they knew it’s what you wanted all along. Except one person who is asking: was it really what I wanted all along? This is the only though you have, because everything else is frozen.

It is like that because you are in a hallway, just closing the door on the first room and going to enter the next room. And along the corridor you keep wandering: It is really? You know you are likely to enter that next room but it doesn’t feel like it. It’s a certainty for everyone but you.

Because you have waited for too long for that ride? Because you already gave up the idea that you could be one of those people? Or because you can’t rest until it’s sealed and delivered?

And so you wait. It’s a different kind of waiting. You can tell the difference. But it’s still waiting. And all you can do is enjoy this new kind of ride, enjoy it while it lasts, expecting the worst but hoping for the best.

And taking each day at a time. Cause otherwise you will give in to madness. Again, a different kind of madness.

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Silence The Pain


So you think you’ve had enough?

So you think you’ve reached your limits? Do you think you can’t take it anymore?

Test it. It will always amaze you and you will find out the limit is always further away, in front of you, waiting for you to reach it.

It will always expand.

You will find out that you can take a lot more, on a lot of different levels you never imaged.

And you will come out of it stronger than ever. Bolder than ever. Tougher than ever.

And guess what? You will never look back!

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13.06.2014 a day that I will always remember …

Everyone has a special day, a certain day when they can pinpoint exactly and say: I took a turn.

Looking back on your life, you are glad you jumped into the unknown. You are happy that you also had faith in yourself. But most of all you feel the joy that you found peace, at last.

We always have a perfect image in our minds and hearts but sometimes we are too scared to make it happen. Because we tried so many times and because we already see the end even before it already started.

And when you least expect it, it happens, just like they say. And it happens everything so fast. It’s a roller coaster. But it’s where you have always belonged to. It’s where you have always supposed to be arriving.

And it’s where you can finally be yourself.

13.06.2014 a day that I will always remember …

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Torn between the two …

Randy-Torn-Between-Two-WorldsWhy is human nature so weak, as to want something and then to want some more or to want something else once you got it in the first place?

Why can’t we just pick what we want and forget or never wonder what it would be like if we took the other road? Why do we constantly feel an empty spot inside and once that void is filled, we find a new spot inside to fill?

Is it because we are afraid of time? We should be … it goes away with every moment we look to someone else’s life and joys.

Time is a great healer when we need healing but a crook when we want more things out of life. It’s like you can’t have it all, in the same time, you have to choose. And once you make you choice, that’s it, you’re done. There’s no coming back.


I want it all, why can’t I have it? Am I not worthy? Am I not brave enough? Don’t I want them both strong enough? Am I taking the easy road and avoid the one that everyone is walking across for years and years?

In another time, girl …

Time is not on your side. You may want some things but if you want them when time has passed away, there’s nothing you can do to bring it back.

And all because you think you’ve got time …

But you are just a mortal. And you’ve got only one version of your life to craft. You wish you’d have some pointers but you don’t. You just play along, feel the rhythm and make the best of it. Once in a while you believe that you are given a chance to happiness. But other than that, your choices limit yourself with every decision you make.

So you keep on wondering, what would it be like. To have it all. And feel complete. And to stop searching and to stop finding empty spots to fill. And time also does its job. To pass away and to make you realize what is really important for you. Because what is really important to you is what you do every day, without realizing it, without any extra-effort, without any conscience or knowledge of it.

Because what is really important to you, you breathe it everyday without thinking about it.

So now all you need to do is ask yourself: really, why do you want something that others want for themselves? Why do you think someone else’s happiness could be tried out as a glove by you?

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imagesSometimes it’s hard to handle the fact that you still have not found that person that can challenge you on every single part of your life that you excel on, that person that can push your boundaries and still teach you a few tricks on the way up.
And then you come to the conclusion that you will never find it and that the only  reasonable thing you can do is find that person by putting the little pieces that fit with you back together from all the people around you.
So you love everyone around you in a different way, never the same but always incomplete.

And you imagine one love or another but it’s never what it feels just right. And then you stop imagining because you have so much more to do still and this will only slow you down.

You are in the middle of your journey, the journey of knowing yourself down to your last layer. And you peel yourself and when you thought you knew yourself completely, you found something new that needs exploring.

And then you forget to love the people around you and you close in and start exploring your inner self.

But once in a while someone comes along and make you look outside, just once more.

And then you try again to get the pieces back together.

It doesn’t mean you’re broken and you absolutely need someone else to fix you.

It just means you need to see your complete reflection in someone alone.

It’s exhausting to see it in different mirrors, that’s all.


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Lesson no. 365: I Did It, My Way!

365Be one of those people who don’t know how to quit – says Robin Sharma.

Only a few of us are.

Chase your dreams and follow your heart.

Don’t stop when you’re finished, stop when you’re done.

Go the extra mile.

Always try something new, don’t forget your final stop, forget only the roads that did not work.

Always look up. Always take the unused road, you have a clear path.

Be a good friend.

Love yourself first in order to be able to love the others.

Respect yourself.

Take time to spend with yourself.

You can’t please everyone, but if you are happy with yourself the rest will follow.

Don’t ever stop dreaming. Draw your life first in your heart, then in your head, then on the paper, then in real life.

You can overcome anything.

Do it your way, please!

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Lesson no. 364: Almost Done

364Great things take time and a lot of patience. We know that. We also know that is so easy to quit in the beginning. And we know that along the way, it takes twice the patience to keep it going.

But what joy you get when you do keep on going in spite of the inner force to do the easy thing and quit.

You win your respect for yourself and that is something no one can take it away from you.

If you get stuck in the big picture, you can quit easily. But if you break it down in small pieces, one day at a time, it doesn’t seem so hard anymore. It becomes really easy.

Just don’t panic – that is the key.

Practice will also make it perfect. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Take every time a different approach and you will get it in the end.

The final ingredient is time so be patient about it. In the end you will find it was sooner than you’ve expected it to be done.

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