imagesSometimes it’s hard to handle the fact that you still have not found that person that can challenge you on every single part of your life that you excel on, that person that can push your boundaries and still teach you a few tricks on the way up.
And then you come to the conclusion that you will never find it and that the only  reasonable thing you can do is find that person by putting the little pieces that fit with you back together from all the people around you.
So you love everyone around you in a different way, never the same but always incomplete.

And you imagine one love or another but it’s never what it feels just right. And then you stop imagining because you have so much more to do still and this will only slow you down.

You are in the middle of your journey, the journey of knowing yourself down to your last layer. And you peel yourself and when you thought you knew yourself completely, you found something new that needs exploring.

And then you forget to love the people around you and you close in and start exploring your inner self.

But once in a while someone comes along and make you look outside, just once more.

And then you try again to get the pieces back together.

It doesn’t mean you’re broken and you absolutely need someone else to fix you.

It just means you need to see your complete reflection in someone alone.

It’s exhausting to see it in different mirrors, that’s all.



About Lavinia Sabin

I'm sometimes normal, sometimes crazy, but so we all are ...
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3 Responses to Reconstruction

  1. Very thoughtful…It makes me wonder if it is at all possible to see our complete reflection in someone else…and if not, is it ok to settle for something less than that…

    Thanks for sharing

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