Torn between the two …

Randy-Torn-Between-Two-WorldsWhy is human nature so weak, as to want something and then to want some more or to want something else once you got it in the first place?

Why can’t we just pick what we want and forget or never wonder what it would be like if we took the other road? Why do we constantly feel an empty spot inside and once that void is filled, we find a new spot inside to fill?

Is it because we are afraid of time? We should be … it goes away with every moment we look to someone else’s life and joys.

Time is a great healer when we need healing but a crook when we want more things out of life. It’s like you can’t have it all, in the same time, you have to choose. And once you make you choice, that’s it, you’re done. There’s no coming back.


I want it all, why can’t I have it? Am I not worthy? Am I not brave enough? Don’t I want them both strong enough? Am I taking the easy road and avoid the one that everyone is walking across for years and years?

In another time, girl …

Time is not on your side. You may want some things but if you want them when time has passed away, there’s nothing you can do to bring it back.

And all because you think you’ve got time …

But you are just a mortal. And you’ve got only one version of your life to craft. You wish you’d have some pointers but you don’t. You just play along, feel the rhythm and make the best of it. Once in a while you believe that you are given a chance to happiness. But other than that, your choices limit yourself with every decision you make.

So you keep on wondering, what would it be like. To have it all. And feel complete. And to stop searching and to stop finding empty spots to fill. And time also does its job. To pass away and to make you realize what is really important for you. Because what is really important to you is what you do every day, without realizing it, without any extra-effort, without any conscience or knowledge of it.

Because what is really important to you, you breathe it everyday without thinking about it.

So now all you need to do is ask yourself: really, why do you want something that others want for themselves? Why do you think someone else’s happiness could be tried out as a glove by you?


About Lavinia Sabin

I'm sometimes normal, sometimes crazy, but so we all are ...
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