Lesson no. 363: Don’t Compare!

363The worst thing you can ever do to yourself is compare your story to the story of others.

They don’t even begin to make sense. Tell that to the weak mind.

It can only break you. It harms you.

Everyone has their story, their battles, their secrets, their struggles, their strong side and their weaknesses.  Not everyone has the same opportunities, the same chances, the same strength, the same optimism and the same vision.

We all try different versions of different games.

Sure, there are only a few pit stops that are common. As long as we manage to re-fuel and to check-in those pit stops, everything is ok. And not every pit stop is good for you. It might be for some or for many or for all but it might not be good for you. Just because all want it, even though it looks that way, does not make it necessary or good.

Not everyone is a good parent, not everyone is a good husband or a good wife, not everyone is a good care giver or a good lover. Not everyone can hold a business, not everyone can achieve many things on their own.

We all do what we can and we all do what is good for ourselves.

And every story has a back-story, remember that. Not all stories are wonderful and  full of love and success. Money can’t buy happiness, don’t forget that.

So the best thing is to compare yourself to the you from the past. See your progress, be proud of your accomplishments. Be happy that you got this far. Be proud of yourself. And push yourself forward. The only race you need to win is the one with yourself and the only limits you have are the ones that you set for yourself.

Don’t look into other people’s yard because the grass is not as green as you see it from the outside.

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Lesson no. 362: Bad Energy

362Bad energy is everywhere. We have to keep away from it and we have to protect ourselves from it all the time.

Our body tells us when it is being harmed. We just have to listen to it and protect it.

Also other bad energies can harm your body without actually feeling it. You just feel bitter and angry towards someone and you start saying bad things and only after you realize what harm you did to that person or to yourself.

Maybe it’s a good thing, to get it out of your system. Maybe it’s a bad thing because you release that negative energy into the universe.

Just keep everything in balance. Try to as much as you can.

Find within yourself the strength to forgive yourself if you don’t make it but push yourself hard when you don’t do it as great as you wish you would.

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Lesson no. 361: Purely By Chance

361We would like to think that we have things under control.

We would like to think that it is within our power to change things.

Of course we can and of course we have power, but only a limited one. The rest of it, it’s pure chance. And we don’t like to believe that.

We are given random cards and it’s up to us how we play the game we’re in.

Even if we are good or bad, bad things or good happen to us. It’s up to us if we appreciate them or if we blame ourselves or the others for them. They will still happen.

If things don’t go your way, change something.

If things go your way, feel blessed and try to find the recipe.

But either way, learn from bad events and enjoy the best way you can the good ones.

Because things have the tendency to never happen twice.

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Lesson no. 360: Change Of Heart

360We all do it sooner or later. It’s what makes us human. It is also what makes us weak.

We may feel in a certain way about someone once but over time that can actually change. We forget things. We feel differently over time. We lift people up and after a while we drag them down. We first see them as gods and after a while we take them for granted.

We change or they change? We say they do, but who really knows?

We give second changes to people and sometimes they let us down. Or they confirm our beliefs?

We decide to stand by people no matter how many times they hurt us. Or we don’t think we’re worthy of love?

People hurt us and we decide to do the same to them or to the next ones. Or to ignore them because being ignored is the most painful of all.

And when we remember all feelings we have for the people over time, we feel guilty, we feel sorry, we feel bad and we feel sad.

And there is no excuse, there is no taking back. Once they are told, it’s too late.

Some feelings are better left unspoken because sooner or later our heart will change over and over again and we will be back in the same spot as before.

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Lesson no. 359: Off Day

359After you were used to so many things to get done, when you have a day off, you don’t feel at ease anymore.

You feel like you have no purpose anymore, no direction, no goal.

But we need days like these, when we think of nothing and do nothing, just enjoy the silence and peace.

Even thou it’s hard, we really need it.

We need a break once in a while.

Just because we are not productive anymore, that doesn’t mean that we are not resting. And rest is good.

It teaches us to have patience, it teaches us that great things take time and it teaches us that we need to enjoy more what is around us.

So take a day off, a day when you don’t put any pressure on yourself and a day when you just let yourself feel what is all around you. It will teach you a great deal about yourself and about the world.

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Lesson no. 358: Coming Home

358Everywhere you go, you just need a place where you always come back to and where you re-charge and where you can measure your life.

A place where you are accepted without being judged.

A place where your mere presence is just enough.

A place where you really let your guard down because no one is judging you and no one is attacking you and no one is taking advantage of you.

It’s the place where you find the necessary peace to think it clearly, to set your path you will take next, where you stop and look around to see what’s next.

This is the only place where you can compare. You can compare the you from before with the you from now. And if you smile, it means it was all worth it.

This is why they say: There’s no place like Home.

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Lesson no. 357: I Am Simply Tired.

357I am simply tired of trying to see the best in people.

I am simply tired of giving 150% and not be appreciated.

I am simply tired of finding and putting a smile when there are tears.

I am simply tired of looking the other way when people get away with things.

I am simply tired of being surrounded by shallow people.

I am simply tired of working so hard for my dreams.

I am simply tired of feeling.

I am simply tired of caring.

I am simply tired of hoping.

I am simply tired of wishing.

I am simply tired of holding on.

I am simply tired.

But you know what? It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

And if I would have been given another try I would do it the same way.

Tomorrow I will be stronger.

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