Lesson no. 364: Almost Done

364Great things take time and a lot of patience. We know that. We also know that is so easy to quit in the beginning. And we know that along the way, it takes twice the patience to keep it going.

But what joy you get when you do keep on going in spite of the inner force to do the easy thing and quit.

You win your respect for yourself and that is something no one can take it away from you.

If you get stuck in the big picture, you can quit easily. But if you break it down in small pieces, one day at a time, it doesn’t seem so hard anymore. It becomes really easy.

Just don’t panic – that is the key.

Practice will also make it perfect. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Take every time a different approach and you will get it in the end.

The final ingredient is time so be patient about it. In the end you will find it was sooner than you’ve expected it to be done.


About Lavinia Sabin

I'm sometimes normal, sometimes crazy, but so we all are ...
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