Lesson no. 363: Don’t Compare!

363The worst thing you can ever do to yourself is compare your story to the story of others.

They don’t even begin to make sense. Tell that to the weak mind.

It can only break you. It harms you.

Everyone has their story, their battles, their secrets, their struggles, their strong side and their weaknesses.  Not everyone has the same opportunities, the same chances, the same strength, the same optimism and the same vision.

We all try different versions of different games.

Sure, there are only a few pit stops that are common. As long as we manage to re-fuel and to check-in those pit stops, everything is ok. And not every pit stop is good for you. It might be for some or for many or for all but it might not be good for you. Just because all want it, even though it looks that way, does not make it necessary or good.

Not everyone is a good parent, not everyone is a good husband or a good wife, not everyone is a good care giver or a good lover. Not everyone can hold a business, not everyone can achieve many things on their own.

We all do what we can and we all do what is good for ourselves.

And every story has a back-story, remember that. Not all stories are wonderful and  full of love and success. Money can’t buy happiness, don’t forget that.

So the best thing is to compare yourself to the you from the past. See your progress, be proud of your accomplishments. Be happy that you got this far. Be proud of yourself. And push yourself forward. The only race you need to win is the one with yourself and the only limits you have are the ones that you set for yourself.

Don’t look into other people’s yard because the grass is not as green as you see it from the outside.


About Lavinia Sabin

I'm sometimes normal, sometimes crazy, but so we all are ...
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