Perfect timing!

What is the algorithm to meet the right person? And how can you tell if is the right one? The right for whom: the one you are now or the one you know yourself as being yesterday, or the one that they see you will be tomorrow?

And don’t tell me that if you wait long enough they will come. Because it can walk by you every morning when you are waiting for your bus and you can still miss it all … every time.

We should have a system like that, to spot each other. This way, we can prevent all the drama. Some of us are not ready to be loved, while some of us are longing for a touch and they look into the wrong eyes. Some have a small amount of love level to receive, some have a lot and they can’t get enough from just one person.

But still, how can we find each other? We don’t have an emotional status update visible to all and many times we just want to hide it and forget about it and start fresh. But we can’t. The past is the past and it stays there, meaning … stuck with you.

Do you crave for that feeling? That you are with that person that feels like knowing every bit of your being and you can know in return. If you don’t, then you have shut down yourself on some level. Some people travel a lifetime to get there and some of them, they don’t even grab it when it stands laying in their hands. Because they are scared. Of what? Maybe of wondering for the rest of their lifetime trying to get it back.

Cause when you already had it, it’s so hard to even start to think that it can happen again. Cause it can’t. Not in this lifetime …






About Lavinia Sabin

I'm sometimes normal, sometimes crazy, but so we all are ...
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