What is Beauty?

How do you recognize her? Is it Grace? Is it kindness? Is it the warmth of a soul you can’t touch? Is it you heart when it skips a beat?

I think it’s something that takes your breath away from the very first moment you see it. And it silences you because you want to contemplate it forever.

It’s something that brings you joy and gratitude because it covered your skin with its perfume. Even for a moment. And even if it will fly away the next moment, you’ll know that you have a memory to treasure from now on. You are one of the lucky ones because it brings you a nostalgic smile on the corner of you mouth and a warmth in your heart. You can’t take that away.

And it gives you the feeling that you are also beautiful inside because you could see it outside of yourself. Beauty recognizes beauty all around. Because it wants to complete its self. To be whole again.

So please … stay beautiful …


About Lavinia Sabin

I'm sometimes normal, sometimes crazy, but so we all are ...
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