We all are killers by words


Some say that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Well, you can always die inside anyway.

I can’t think of any weapon that is more powerful that a simple word. Invasions and taking overs can happen inside of you if words are told to you when you feel most vulnerable.

And what happens with the words that you can’t imagine even a slice of truth about them? Do they still hurt inside? Once they are said, should you make them disappear? How?

Do you swallow them? How do you manage to take them? Cause they go right thru you. And they are taking over…Inside yourself it’s only you and it’s your own private universe, you can’t take anyone with you inside but you can always expect invaders.

This is why you should never speak unless you have something to say that is more beautiful than silence. Silence has its own beauty, you don’t have to spoil it. And she can give you the most painful answers ever. That is when you are brave enough to ask the most painful questions.

Just don’t try to harm anyone with your words. This world is evil enough, there is no need for another killer. And shooting with words is not sexy nor cool. Only when they were spoken, the only thing you can do about yourself is ask: “Why do I have this wound inside of me? “. Because no happy person has ever become a killer by words. None.

Words cannot be forgotten. Don’t believe when they say: “It doesn’t matter what you say, it matters what you do.” People remember words because those words have an emotion attached to them. And people will never forget an emotion, no matter how hard they will try.

So choose your words carefully. Just be kind. It’s that simple.


About Lavinia Sabin

I'm sometimes normal, sometimes crazy, but so we all are ...
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